JAMES BOND Spirit Box - The LEGEND Speaks! | What he says will...

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Today, the LEGEND James Bond (Sean Connery) speaks from the grave in his real voice! Hear what he has to say including a quote from the James Bond movie!
We hope for this video to bring comfort to those who are grieving over the loss of Sean Connery. This video gives us an update on where he is on the other side and how he’s doing.
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Cody ITC
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    Christine Ingram

    10 өдрийн өмнө

    Mum an I loved this Man.He was a great part of my childhood and no other 077 was any way as good as him.From hid deep brown eyes to his gruff Scottish accent ..He was even handsome when he grew older too .Brilliant after too .We lost a great actor when he left for the spirit world ..Thank you Cody I loved this one ..Love n Light 🥰

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    Hey Cody can you reach out to Shad Gaspard former WWE Superstar. He died a hero saving his son in the ocean. I think he deserves to be heard. Thank you!

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    shirley Armstrong

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    Wow absolutely wow

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    Cee Vee

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    U only live twice and that's today..meaning🤷‍♂️

  • Laurie Day

    Laurie Day

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    This is amazing. The part about his mom and when he said the quote. Thank you for this video

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    I do not claim any of this bad energy god protect my soul and anybody else that watch this amen.🙏🏾🧎

  • August Schuetz

    August Schuetz

    5 сарын өмнө

    That aint sean connery..sorry but it didnt sound like him at all

  • Arianna x.x

    Arianna x.x

    5 сарын өмнө

    “They expect me today... god chose me to live.” Reincarnation perhaps?

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      4 сарын өмнө

      I swear I thinking the same thing

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    HooDz Gang Gang

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    When they cross over to the light, are not you able to hear from them again? Is the light heaven?

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    Kendrick Johnson (to find out who killed him)
    Princess Diana
    Nicole Brown Simpson (o.j. wife)
    Robert Kardashian
    Harriet Tubman
    Martin Luther King Jr.
    Marilyn Monroe (see if she was murdered especially if it was one of the kennedy's)

    • The Glamorous Cassie

      The Glamorous Cassie

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      @Danielle Bennis me tooooo! that's a good list there for him.

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      Danielle Bennis

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  • The Glamorous Cassie

    The Glamorous Cassie

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    OMGGGGG that's really him. "you only live twice is his slogan"

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    Cameron Boyce plz do him

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    Can someone tell me how Cody met his spirit guide George? I’m very intrigued and would like to hear Cody talk to him personally

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  • Andrew Rendon

    Andrew Rendon

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    I think you should do princess diana

  • clayton fesenmyer

    clayton fesenmyer

    5 сарын өмнө

    You only live twice was a movie suan acted in in 1967

  • Cyndie Kaegi

    Cyndie Kaegi

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    Wow!!! The movie you only live twice. Accent is spot on. Great video

  • Rachel Elle

    Rachel Elle

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    I’m so glad he’s with his mum. I’m not sure what she’s talking about though.

  • WolfSpirit_1121


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    I wish he said "the name is bond, james bond."

    • Danielle Bennis

      Danielle Bennis

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      I was waiting for that lol

  • Witchy Zelda

    Witchy Zelda

    5 сарын өмнө

    Would you be able to reach out to my old friend Oscar? I miss him terribly and I wanted to tell him a belated happy 25th birthday in case he didn’t hear me yesterday

  • MissyB


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    Can you try to contact Mo3 he was killed today in Dallas on I-35 freeway. He was a Dallas rapper.

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    She Who Knows All

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    1:06- let me reach him
    2:38- my muse (😯 Ooooo, Mr. Connery was getting laid the night he passed! Lol)
    2:48- how do you know?
    3:06- 😂 (I think Mr. Connery was making whoopie and his heart gave out. Thus, why he's laughing when he recalls the memory.)
    3:15- I guess I'll just write a song.
    3:23- that's over 😪 (meaning heaven for him was was life, which is over?)
    3:29- I'm too lost 🥺
    3:40- must leave em' back ... home
    4:55- good man
    5:17- you still bleed for love? That one, a good show.
    5:34- they sent me to you
    5:47- I'm living

  • Mary Christine Newell

    Mary Christine Newell

    5 сарын өмнө

    Cody thank you so much for this i know Sean's voice anytime I had the biggest crush on him and he is a true legend I'm so happy he has crossed thanks again Cody your Awesome ❤️

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    I'm only halfway through but I think he said "There's a room... Effie's room" and not Esther. Euphemia (Effie for short) was his mothers name.

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    Mocahontasx n

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    Colleen Walsh

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    Caarolinaa 7

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    Hi Cody it’s me again lol I love your channel! Literally the best! I have a request whenever you have time can you see if you can contact King Von. He was a rapper from Chicago and passed away today from a shooting in a club. Thank you 🙏🏼

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    Amy Vonlanken

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    Cody can you ask the spirits what they think about the current situation in usa government right now

  • Jessica Warren

    Jessica Warren

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    I cant believe my favorite actor died. He is by far one of the greatest that ever lived. Cody i applaud you for doing this. As an empath i wish i could so what yoy so because you not only help the living but also the spirits that need to be helped. I just started watching you a month or so ago and you give me more chills than regular ghost hunting shows. I do believe in this and i can imagine how hard it is for you. I wish i could do what you do... I love helping people... Thanks cody for all you do. Please be safe.

  • Gabby serna

    Gabby serna

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    Gabby serna

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    Gabby serna

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    What does he think about current popular filmmakers and movies such as Tarantino, Alfosno Cuarón, Greta Gerwig, Nolan
    What is his favorite movie from present day
    Does he have new ideas for new movies and can he still watch movies in the afterlife?
    Does he hang out with people from the film industry who passed away?

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    Brittany Anderson

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    Cody EXCELLENT session.
    Only 1 observation, I'd say a bit too much reverb, but that does not take away from what I consider to be the best spirit box session to date.

  • Dave Bealing

    Dave Bealing

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    Druku 1978

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  • ultralight1959


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    Absolutely incredible, when seans mom talked and sean said "mom they here you talking" just amazing. He was one of my favorites and the accent and tone were dead on. Just mind bending man

  • Palo Mayombe Spirits and Rituals

    Palo Mayombe Spirits and Rituals

    6 сарын өмнө

    Hey Cody, nice work. I am in this field and communicate with spirits for over 30 years. I could not figure out (it is impossible) to just talk with 1 spirit. Spirits are energy and live in a different frequencies. everytime i have a spirit session i have to deal with around 12 to 15 spirits. how do you do that? it is interesting for me to find out what you do ?

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  • Guinea Pig Heaven

    Guinea Pig Heaven

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    Oh that voice, give me the goose bumps! Bless his heart he’s with his Mum
    Thank you Cody, for sharing all of this with us!

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    Savannah Vallejo

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