JFK Spirit Box Session | SECRETS EXPOSED? Aliens & MORE... (John F Kennedy)

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JFK Spirit Box Session | SECRETS EXPOSED? Aliens & MORE... (John F Kennedy)
Today, we get in contact with who I believe to be the spirit of John F Kennedy. In the spirit box session, we ask JFK questions about his knowledge relating around the events which followed the end of his life and also about conspiracy theories relating to extraterrestrials (aliens), The shadow government, and much more!
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    Please contact Kurt Cobain. His energy is so strong whenever I listen to his music, it's almost as if he's not gone in the first place. I'd love to hear how he's doing in the afterlife and if he feels when people listen to his art. Not to mention that there's mystery behind his death, I'd love to hear from him again.

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  • •Amoura Love•

    •Amoura Love•

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    Hes right we are all wanting to die we are tired. live is meaningless. You live for a good time not a long time.

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    m b

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    Dallas Stiles

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    Joe Kennedy Jr., Jack's older brother, was meant to run for President but died in an explosion in WW 2. I wonder if that's who he was actually referring to when he says Junior was 2000 miles away when he died.

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