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Cody ITC
Cody ITC

This channel consists solely of Ghost Box sessions. A ghost box is a device that allows us to communicate with the dead. I know what you may be asking, “Could this possibly be real?”, and the answer to that is YES. I had to ask myself the same question over and over again when I started doing this work. I first started out as a skeptic, and then became converted to believing in the afterlife. Here on my channel, you can hear spirits come through and speak about anything and everything. we conduct Ghostbox sessions with random spirits that wander by, and even celebrities. SoIf you’re interested in the paranormal, I think you should subscribe to this channel. ;)

Subscriber Milestones
5000 - 1/30/2020
10,000 - 2/8/2020
35,000 - 9/2/2020
40,000 - 9/26/2020
50,000 - 11/18/2020
124,000 - 12/12/2020

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